Gravel Tuesday Night Rides - Ride on Bikes

Date(s): Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Ride on Bikes - 1036 Broadway
** Punch cards will be given out by Keagan and Todd. Riders will give one punch per ride attended. Grand prize winner is a Roval SLX24 wheels and gravel tires. 950$ value

-Bonus punches may be given for being a good sport/not whining/bringing extra nutrition**

The typical Tuesday night ride has come to an end, now the fun really starts!

Come hang out with us for our Gravel TNR. Still with us?

These rides will consists of 1.5-2hr gravel night rides -- Meeting at 5:45pm- leave at 6pm

What do we mean by ‘gravel’? Well, it isn't gravel at all. The surface is subject to change each week but on a typical night we expect a hard pack base with loose soil and possible sand. On average, this is a fast surface.

Will it be dark? Yep! Cold??? Oh yes! But we promise it will be worth it. So bundle up and grab a light. Recommendations ????

How fast? Speeds of 16-20 mph possible on various stretches in the first group with mild elevation changes.

????Expect to be on alert for wildlife????

-Headlight (min 400 lumen for 2 hrs capacity), Tail light, Helmet, open mind, positive attitude-no whining ??
????Carry a device that allows you to follow routing/route yourself home????

-Nutrition for 2 hrs and WATER (there are no to little places to stop)????
-tubeless tires
-Flat change/plugs
-33C or bigger tires (ask us!)

Where to meet?
Meet at Hatchechubee "Our Town" gas station at 602 Uchee Rd Hatchechubbee AL
We will published route maps, but be familiar with the route and how to get back

- Ride at your own risk??

Group 1- Pace: Moderate, Steady to hard, gravel specific bike friendly, 16-20mph

Group 2-- Beginner, minimal regroups, gravel and mountain bike friendly, 11-15mph

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